Electronic legal deposits for doctoral dissertations

Shall I have to submit my dissertation?

Yes, indeed. Depositing PhD dissertations is a legal obligation, and that includes confidential theses. It will be archived in compliance with the Ministerial Decree of 26 August 2022 on national doctoral degrees (see link for further information in French Arrêté du 26 août 2022 modifiant l'arrêté du 25 mai 2016 fixant le cadre national de la formation et les modalités conduisant à la délivrance du diplôme national de doctorat). The deposit is made on the ADUM interface for all the requests for defense made after 01/01/2023 and according to the procedures transmitted by your doctoral school.

Will my thesis subject be accessible online?

Yes, it will. The subjects of defended theses or of theses in course of completion are automatically published on the theses.fr portal from information transmitted by ADUM.

How can I disseminate my thesis dissertation?

Your thesis dissertation will be automatically disseminated on the intranet, or after the stipulated delay if your thesis has officially been declared confidential. Your dissertation may likewise be disseminated on the internet if you have provided permission to do so. It will then be accessible on theses.fr. Internet dissemination is optional but it is strongly recommended to increase the visibility of your research studies.

You may also archive your thesis yourself through the HAL Thèses platform following the defence session and without waiting for the legal deposit procedure to be completed.